Maya has not been able to forgive her father Bodhisattva for her mother's suicide. So when she comes home from USA after a long time, instead of staying with him, she puts up with an old classmate Anu and her husband Avik. What begins as a fun visit, soon turns into a psychological battle between the trio and peaks to a shattering climax. A story about human relationships encircling ego, pride, power and obsession, the film takes a look at urban India with its modern family setup.

Language : Bengali with English and Spanish Subtitles
Duration : 87 minutes
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"Platinum Remi", Worldfest Houston International Film Festival 2010
"Best International Film", Alexandria Film Festival 2010
"Best Supporting Actress" (Miska Halim/Namita), Hoboken Film Festival 2010
Nominated for "Best Screenplay", "Best Foreign Film", "Best Feature Film", Hoboken Film Festival 2010
"Best Foreign Film", Bare Bones Film Festival 2011
"Indie Auteur Award" (San Banarje), Bare Bones Film Festival 2011
Nominated for "Best Thriller" and "Best Screenplay", Staten Island Film Festival 2011
"Winner, Bronza Palm", Mexico Film Festival 2011
"Best of the Festival", Gulf Coast Film Festival 2012
pictured right : Director of Houston Film Commission, Mr. Rick Ferguson presents the "Best of the Festival" award to Director San Banarje for "Bodhisattva" at the 2012 Gulf Coast Film Festival, held in Texas.